is a painter, public artist and educator whose work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries throughout the United States.  All of her public art and mixed media paintings concern current social and political issues. Susan's latest body of work entitled, "Rising Tides," focuses on the 65.3 million refugees in the world today who are riding powerful waves of plastic, going nowhere. Her two 2015 series, "Plastic Seas" and "Water Wars" reference the more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently in our oceans and the inevitable wars that are predicted to occur in the future over this limited, vital resource.  Susan's two earliest bodies of work, entitled, “Plumbing and Veneers” and “Waiting Rooms,” consisted of large-scale (6’ x 8’) acrylic and mixed media drawings and paintings on paper layered with political and social commentary and executed with jarring perspectives. 

Susan is the author of an on-going blog, entitled, "On Water and Public Art," which highlights global water issues and innovative public art projects. She is a regular contributor to the blog, Artists and Climate Change that documents the work of visual artists, playwrights, novelists, poets, dancers, public artists, musicians and performers, etc. around the world who are focusing on the critical topic of climate change.

Susan Is also the co-creator, along with fellow artist, Elena Kalman, of two, large-scale, community-based, interactive public art projects: "The Wave," a national installation which addresses our mutual need for and interdependence on water and "Home," which calls attention to homelessness and the on-going need for affordable housing in our cities and states. "The Wave" has been installed in 23 museums, galleries, parks, schools and festivals in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maryland. For more information on "The Wave," see